NL-Momenteel, Filz vervaardigd stolas, omslagdoeken en sjaals. Filz vervaardigd ook naar uw wensen.
DE-Im Augenblick, Filz stellt her Stolen, Tuecher und Shals. Filz stellt auch her nach ihren Wuenschen.

Filz creates unique and luxurious clothing and fashion accessories for the sophisticated woman who cares about the world she lives in.

All garments are handmade luxury items, produced with a high level of detail. Many garments are hand embroidered and no item leaves the studio until Filz is completely satisfied with its finish and design. Filz doesn’t make garments to sell, instead Filz aims to maintain a self sustaining business that will allow ongoing creative explorations. Filz endeavours to generate unique and timeless creations which will be viewed as objects of style and beauty, bringing pleasure to all who behold and wear them.

Filz’ creations make special gifts and can be custom made to your requirements.

All garments contain felted wool, usually in combination with other natural fibres like silk, alpaca, angora,.... Only fine merino wool is used, unless other wise stated, which is super soft and also suitable to be worn by most people with a wool allergy.   

Filz produces two types of garments: winter warm and summer cool, which refers to the weight of the garment.

Winter warm items are thicker and heavier, ideal for keeping you warm in winter.

Summer cool garments are usually created by combining a very thin layer of felt with a silk fabric and are as light as a feather. This technique is called nuno felting. Sometimes they are made from cobweb felt, which is very thin, often see through felted wool. They can be worn in summer and are ideal in combination with evening wear or smart casual wear to ward off the chill in air conditioned environments.




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